Needing a hip replacement is a serious and scary decision. There is a time when the pain is great, your activity level has dropped to nothing and the pain medications no long take the pain away. That is the time when most people start looking for an answer.

There are so many hip replacement devices, surgical approaches and orthopedic surgeons. How do you decide what is right for you? Of course, the best information comes from a surgeon who has viewed your x-rays and checked your physical condition. However, it is always reassuring to know what the surgeon is talking about and recommending. One way of learning is from a patient oriented website which presents a large amount of indexed information. A place to learn so the decision has not only the surgeons input, but you own input.

There are several surgical approaches to hip replacement. The basic approahces are the posterior, the anterolateral and the anterior. Surgeons choose the approach which they are most familiar with, most experienced with and most successful with. The final decision is made by the surgeon since he knows what is best for your individual situation. You will feel this decision is correct for you when that “little inner voice” is not nagging you that you have not made the right decision. You should feel the decision by the surgeon feels right for you.

This section will feature anterior approach articles, doctor information, surgeon videos, patient videos and personal patient stories.

I hope this will provide perspective patients with useful information to help them decide what is best for their hip replacement surgery.