Author Topic: Should I have a revision or not?  (Read 5177 times)


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Should I have a revision or not?
« on: February 18, 2011, 04:05:30 AM »
I had a THR on March 2007,since that time my hip no matter what I do it constantly aches.  The pain is always there.  Over the last six months it has become worst.  I am now on MS Contin, 15mg one every 8 hours.  Anyway, I have been to see the doctor many times, have had MRI's, bone scans and have been told that everything looks fine.  To sum things up, I found out about the DePuy  hip implant recall and thought that I might have found the reason for the pain.  Some of the symptoms I was experiencing, severe rash all over my torso, upset stomach.   I had blood test done and the results were 2.7 ug/l cobalt and 2.9 ug/l chromium.   I was also experiencing numbness on the left side of my face periodically..  Anyway, I was trying to find anyone who might have the same symptoms. 

I am scheduled to have a very specific MRI I guess to check for fluid build up and also a bone scan.  What scares me is that in some of the articles I've read  people have pain that is similar to what I am experiencing.  But some of these people don't have the DePuy ASR  that has been recalled.

So my question is ...why have a revision if you are just going to keep having pain anywayt????
Also, has anyone been diagnoses with osteolysis?  I am curious because of the literature I've been reading the symptoms are similar to mine.



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